Vladiwoodstok meets Eläkeläiset again.

April 17 we play with the fathers of Humppaa again.
We are looking forward.

New album! Out now!

Ok people the new album is available.
Nothing left to say. Just buy that shit!

Release Ompa Twang!

Follow this link and visit our Releaseparty in April.

CD Release ´Ompa Twang´

12/04/14 Künstlerhaus/Festsaal Nürnberg

Hersbrucker Zeitung

The writer just checked out what we do. Really nice report!

Second album

This will be the cover of our second album.
It´s called ´Ompa Twang´

Pedro Hallstrom

Now he is in the Band! Pedro Hallstrom from Vladiwoodstok.
What a crazy horse and he fits in the Band like a ass on the pot.


The year draws to a close and Vladiwoodstok had a successful 2013.
Thanks to all people supporting us, visiting our concerts, and listening to our music.
Quite a good moment to annonce a change in our band.
Rado, our accordion player, is leaving our group. It' s been five years hitting the road with him and it was always cool. Or like we used to say in Vladiwoodstok: "He is just blockfish".
So, we were looking around for a new band fellow.
And we found him at home in Vladiwoodstok. In the church!
Pedro Hallstrom.